3 Reasons to Resolve Miscommunication in Remote Working

This article covers three important aspects of miscommunication. Find out how to prevent and resolve them to have a stronger and more productive team.

The new normal is witnessing a greater shift to fluid workspaces, remote work and collaboration with teams across continents. It is inevitable that a lot will get lost in translation… costing companies time, money and employee morale, unless teams are managed proactively.

Harvard Business Review article When Teamwork Is Good for Employees — and When It Isn’t, emphasizes that,

‘The main barriers to team performance were poor relations between managers and employees, which caused constant disputes and made employees feel more stressed at work.’

Among the many reasons for miscommunication are poor team dynamics, lack of accountability and transparency, and finally inadequate collaboration systems. But all is not lost, here we give you brief and actionable insights into resolving your team’s communication challenges.

Team Dynamics

Hold regular team meetings aside from work related calls where members can share their ideas, develop a rapport and give feedback. Informal discussions help vent pent up thoughts and relieve strained relationships.

Be mindful of work-life balance and offer flexible online meeting sessions, pre-record content to be shared later, and encourage innovative ideas to doing mundane things. You can increase engagement, commitment and prevent miscommunication by listening to and implementing employees’ suggestions.

Lack of Accountability and Transparency

Leave guesswork out of the picture when delegating tasks, making requests, or even appreciating good performance. Diligently answering “Who, What, Where, Why, When and How” will establish boundaries, clarify expectations and roles for each team member. This is essential for virtual teams and remote workers who may not have immediate or direct access to their managers and other team members.

Feedback often causes more damage than improvement when the message is received as being biased or based on incorrect information. This is true for both criticism and praise that is given to members of a team where there are underlying areas of conflict or mistrust.

To manage shared responsibilities and give credit where due it is important to have an objective and updated information sharing system. TeamingWay provides a flawless goal tracking and completion system where individual contributions are visible and accomplishments are updated in real-time

Communication Systems

Juggling between the laptop, cell phone and online meetings, the struggle to streamline work is real. This is further heightened when clients use different messaging and project management tools. And you need to catch up with the next software to be installed on your computer. Not all project management tools have been created equal. And choosing the right fit can save your organization valuable time, money and your employees from miscommunication issue.

TeamingWay provides a one-stop solution to your project and team management needs. With a single sign in you can manage your own tasks, work with your colleagues and partners on ongoing projects, and track progress on your goals and milestones. Sharing responsibility and achieving common goals could not have been made easier.