Project Management

5 Tips to stay on your top of mornings and weekly routines

You get out of bed before few minutes of work and rush to the laptop or office. You take a shower in few minutes and grab slice of bread before rushing towards the office work. Still, morning is bewildered and overwhelmed. Long before the weekend arrives, you’re exhausted and the weekly goals seem to sink. This creates havoc and the targets are missed at last.

To avoid the above situation and Staying on top of your mornings and weekly routines requires organization, routine, task management, and reasonable goal-setting to excel at your daily as well as weekly tasks. Few tips which may help you follow these things are as follows:

1. Stick to your sticky notes/To-do list:

Creating a list is easy but the execution can be tricky. It’s imperative to never overestimate the task and follow a passive approach in noting down any daily tasks. Creating an achievable task at the end brings joy and boosts the confidence for the upcoming days and therefore gradually increases productivity. It’s said that we usually waste a lot of mental energy on tracking and setting goals rather than focusing on our core work thus Goal management becomes at first becomes important.

2. Follow In and Out approach:

Now, Imagine we are running at our full capacity of work and the additional task comes In, In this situation, we will have to square off/finish one of our existing tasks from the task list to accommodate any new task rather than overflowing the capacity. This is to ensure the effective task management and avoid any future conflicts.

3. Using Pomodoro technique:

While performing any task which is intimidating and mechanical, you should perform this Pomodoro technique of performing the task in the format of a sprint :

  • Choose a task
  • Set your timer for 45 minutes
  • Work on the task until the timer ends meticulously
  • Take a short break of 15 minutes
  • And repeat this cycle for 3-4 times

This will allow you to accomplish a significant amount of tasks in less time and also increase the overall weekly productivity.

4. Maintain a calendar:

Make yourself comfortable in using the calendar at the earliest as it not only helps you in tracking but you can increase the efficacy of the task management by appropriately allocating your resources. Many senior leaders always follow this habit of actively using a calendar- to schedule any meeting, call, task, and goals, etc.
Therefore your workstation and calendar should be integrated and synchronized for the same purpose. Today many project management software tools allow you to integrate with Google calendar, etc. for the same reason.

5. Making sure everything is on one Dashboard:

When you have both short-term and long-term tasks to perform, goal setting, team management, meetings, and scheduling, etc. All these individual tasks are puzzling and tedious to manage if not integrated into one place. As all the above-mentioned tasks are interlinked to one other this becomes crucial to have a dashboard which would provide team interaction, goal setting, and meeting in one place. This integration on one platform at your desk ultimately makes it easier to manage daily and weekly routines.

To ultimately follow these 5 tips and increase your task efficiency in weekly routines, there are various project management tools introduced which will help you in making a more sound decision at your work and in turn help you in becoming at top of your mornings and ahead of your weekly goals.