6 Reasons you will love TeamingWay like we do

TeamingWay is a goal-based productivity and collaboration tool that brings your business objectives onto one platform and provides seamless solutions across every industry present globally. It is well equipped to cater to multiple industries such as Education, Technology, NPO, Real Estate, Government, Accounting, and many more.

This goal management tool is developed to meet all the team requirements and we feel that you will love TeamingWay like we do. Thus, to justify our bold statement allow us to illustrate at least 6 reasons for this love:

1. Helps in Innovation and Digitization of Teams:

Your business requires the team to enhance collaboration and effectively manage its goals and increase project management efficiency. Especially in managing the Sales team where coordination and collaboration become of utmost importance in the remote environment and digital tools comes in handy to do the same work. This has made our clients 20% average upliftment in the revenue.

2. Increase Productivity

TeamingWay helps in managing, assigning, and taking follow-up on tasks among the team members. Not, only assigning but real-time tracking of tasks becomes very easy by using the TeamingWay platform. This in turn results in increasing the team productivity and finally boosting revenue.

3. Connect with Teams:

While there are numerous software/tools made to separately handle the team Voice/Video call options this platform has a fully integrated Video/voice call option and TeamingWay facilitates the project management as it has the integrated Video/voice call options.

4. Cloud Integration:

TeamingWay provides cloud storage as per the plans availed by our clients and helps them in improving the documentation processes while also reducing attachments across internal team emails. This has helped TeamingWay in reducing internal mails by 30% on an average for our clients.

5. One-Stop Solution:

Through this workstation, our client can perform various tasks in the project such as Chats, public chats, video messaging, calendar, notes, file sharing, etc versus handling various multiple tools to handle these functions.

6. Provide Analytics Dashboard:

In management of teams and tasks, goal setting, meetings, and scheduling, etc.. Integration onto one dashboard becomes paramount to improving efficiency and increasing visibility across team goals and tasks. TeamingWay provides a real-time dashboard to address this issue and ultimately save many Man-hours. As per the data, TeamingWay helps in saving approx. 3-4 hours per employee per week

Having stated these above few points for TeamingWay is just a glimpse of what we offer. There are a plethora of offerings that will make you feel like we do for TeamingWay.