Benefits of TeamingWay for Businesses

RF Binder, an independent PR and consulting agency has spent 20 years showcasing how the power of words is the key to addressing business challenges, building client reputations, and transforming a brand into market leaders. Communication is the core to any successful business. TeamingWay is bringing together employees all around the world in a virtual workspace and equipping them with every communication and collaboration tool along with goal and task management benefits in one easy-to-use solution.

Here’s how TeamingWay is making it easier than ever. .

1. Advanced Communication

Teams can schedule video conference meetings giving them the option to use the audio call option or video call. Teams can also do screen-share during the call to show everyone what they have been working on or to highlight an important fact.

2. One Platform to Manage your Business

TeamingWay has everything built in that you need to manage your teams effectively. You have the option to host a video call, have public and private channels for people to talk, send documents, set goals and tasks, etc.

3. Easy-to-Use

TeamingWay is very straightforward and easy to use! In one-click, you are able to do everything you need with no complications. We have made it very user-friendly for everyone to enjoy.

4. Mobile and Desktop Friendly

We want our users to be able to access TeamingWay anywhere at any time, that is why we have made it work seamlessly across all systems such as IOS and Android.