Collaborative Education

Collaborative Education

Tools for a new age of distance learning

Digital tools for learning, irrespective of the type of classroom, have become increasingly important for the education industry. Keeping in mind that the generation of today can be characterized as digital natives, it’s only natural that they expect their workspace to be equally digital savvy.

In the age of distance learning, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, education institutions and universities have been forced to scramble towards adopting teaching practices that are either entirely digital in nature or of a hybrid model with a combination of online and in-classroom learning (also known as blended learning). So, are students equipped with the proper digital collaboration tools?

The problem with traditional LMS.

Even if Learning Management Systems such as Moodle, Blackboard etc. seem like the ideal fit for educational universities in helping them manage their workflow. A lack of integration and inefficient reporting capabilities with respect to such software’s can hamper work task management. And ultimately prove to be challenging, especially when it comes to team building activities for remote teams.

A vital aspect of a successful learning management system is how student-centric the entire experience is. Take for example Moodle or Blackboard. Both are known to be effective at supporting the activities of teacher or administration rather than students. Traditional LMS systems such as the aforementioned can easily help teachers share information for students. And while they do contain elements such as tests and surveys – all of them have to be enabled and thereby can be left out. As a consequence, students might look for other options for collaboration and to engage actively.

An active learning environment.

Enter TeamingWay; A centralized hub designed to redefine learning and facilitate active collaboration between faculty and students. In an age where even digital communication has evolved beyond written words, TeamingWay offers a user-experience – irrespective of the designation. It is flexible in nature and equipped to handle real-time communication with a plethora of tools to facilitate an active learning environment.

. Co-Working for Success

– Integrated Communities

An education institution is as good as the community it manages to create. For this very purpose, TeamingWay offers an interactive bulletin board to optimize communication between students and faculty. Online classroom discussions can become more lively and less one-way, by empowering students with quick communication tools. And an engaging space where they can even showcase their personality through profile pictures or create separate channels. It can prove to be quite handy for students who are looking to plan an event and require a more private forum to address their set meeting agendas.

– Efficient Project Management

The faculty can also benefit equally from TeamingWay. By managing project schedules or hosting a video call for a one-on-one meeting with any student which they believe requires extra attention. In addition, with no third-party integrations necessary, e-classrooms can create a holistic learning atmosphere online, where up to 50 participants can have discussions on conference call.

– Flawless Administration

Furthermore, when it comes to the administration determined towards achieving their business goals, they can break free from the shackles of emails and build a responsive workspace with support and visible communication with set goals to track real-time progress in tackling multiple team building challenges.

. Mobile Learning

According to the Consumer Learner at Work report, 64% of learners say it’s essential to access their training content from a mobile device. Which provides greater context as to why the importance of a fluid and adaptive UX mobile experience is crucial towards ensuring students feel comfortable with respect to the platform through which they actively engage on a daily basis.

TeamingWay delivers the same learning experience to users on mobile with respect to all the project management tools that are offered on web. Both students and teacher can write, post, share and more just as they do so on web, which can prove extremely beneficial in how they perceive the potential of such an app, and not feel as if they’re forced to become familiar with yet another tool promising hassle-free learning.

The right tool for a new age.

In the age of distance learning, it is only natural for both students and faculty to feel equally overwhelmed when it comes taking responsibility for the work they’ve been tasked to deliver. Which is why many would immediately turn towards doing a web search for Online Collaboration Tools for Education, how do you keep track of Team Projects? Or, What is the Best Task Management Software? For all their queries, they might end up falling down another rabbit hole. Or they can instead, simply have a go with TeamingWay.