In the Spirit of Visible Collaboration

Any workspace, irrespective of the industry, is only as good as the team that ends up creating it. Institutions grow as a result of a team aligned and focused solely upon delivering the business goals at hand, while ensuring zero compromise on quality. All of which, on paper, sounds quite easy and simple to execute. And in the age of digital where millions have access to project management tools of all sorts and types, collaboration could only have become easier – as many are led to believe.

However, in this virtual space where the world now predominantly communicates in, things are prone to get lost in translation. It is precisely in those very instances that the factor of trust is brought to the fore.

Keeping the faith

Trust, which dominates the very notion of ‘Visible Teamwork’ and sets the foundation for team building; essential to the sustained success of any establishment and dictated primarily by the management or team leads.

Before extrapolating the true meaning of ‘Visible Teamwork’ and its quantifiable impact upon daily workflows, it is essential to understand the correlation between team work and team building.

What is a team?

Team building, also popularly known as ‘team spirit’ back in the day, paves the way for teamwork. Think of it this way, collaborative work only comes to fruition when each individual member of a work force has a shared understanding with the entire group of not just the task at hand, but also their nature. After all, even in a rapidly transforming digital landscape, human beings are at the very core of driving innovation across borders.

Hence, the emphasis nowadays given towards allocating time and budgets towards team building activities for remote teams. The 21st century has shone a spotlight on diversity, and as such companies are encouraged to establish umbrellas welcoming talent from all across the world – giving equal limelight and weightage to fresh opinions. As such, global access to digital collaboration tools through task management software’s has resulted in an ecosystem that has truly personifies diversification. Thereby, the importance of creating chemistry between a group irrespective of time zones or geographical locations can never be overstated enough.

All such factors contribute equally towards improving employee engagement, employee retention and boosting morale.

Once a solid relationship along such lines has been established with team members equipped with collaboration skills that work in tandem with the rest of the group, then the mechanics or respective processes instrumental towards meeting agendas come into play. i.e. Teamwork.

“None of us is as smart as all of us”

Keb Blanchard

The most efficient way to achieve optimal success is interlinked with the level of understanding between members of a group, working in sync towards a common objective. Each has an equal role to play with respect to the tasked assigned to them. Teamwork flourishes in a space that promotes perspectives and a diversity of thought, all with a single-minded proposition of problem solving supplemented by the multiple set of skills that come into play.

This web of communication, evolving constantly with any given task at hand, can become extremely difficult to navigate in the absence of transparency. As the work becomes highly integrated, there becomes levels to evaluating the evolution of work each step of the way. Progress has to be monitored in order for things to reach completion. Resources have to be allocated with respect to nature of a project before it is undertaken. All of these variables correlated to many other work task management plays, play a crucial role in the successful completion of a milestone.

And this is where visibility comes in. More specifically, visible teamwork.

Visible Teamwork

A cohesive group functions as one because all members are aware of not only the objectives at hand, but also remain interconnected throughout the entire process. And for that to happen, the workflow and all communications related to it are kept in one place – significantly a shared space. For which one can easily look towards TeamingWay for an answer.

Make smarter business decisions and improvise with respect to time, TeamingWay is not just a project management app with knowledge management tools but rather a one-step solution working together with you as your institution’s personal work task management resource, with teams instant messaging and development activities amongst a host of features.

Because it’s not just about setting the right practices in place for success, it’s about empowering teams with tools to execute it – keeping in touch with their unique spirit of collaboration.