Leading Remotely

Leading Remotely

The inherent function of any working team is to learn to work together as a single unit. Collaborating with colleagues and forging relationships which are not just mechanical but human in nature, can go a long way towards ensuring the set business goals of the employee’s respective organization are achieved. And it is this very reason which signifies the importance of human resource.

But in order for the team to achieve optimal functionality. Someone has to play the role of an anchor – a leader that sets the standard and guides every workflow.

While all these things are nothing new, in the age of the new-normal, the importance of Remote Team Leadership has taken on a whole different meaning. With global teams having to transfer their operations to remote, managing workloads, let alone resources, has become a real challenge. Partly due to many failing to timely invest in digital models for their institutions and a lack of attention towards empowering resources with digital collaboration tools.

While leading through change has remained an uphill battle despite the preparations for many. At TeamingWay, we’ve witnessed how the platform has been leveraged to ensure productivity when it comes to teams working remotely; redefining collaboration.

1. Video conferencing is the way to go.

The likelihood of information getting mistranslated over messages cannot be overstated. Especially in instances where the scope of work is big, emails alone will never prove sufficient enough to effectively communicate set meeting agendas and complex project schedules. But most importantly, the significance of 2-way communication becomes even greater when it comes to remote team management.

Video conferencing or even online one-to-one meeting sessions can limit confusion between team members. And ensure all members stay connected without any missing out on important touchpoints. With TeamingWay, teams can easily communicate through video or call without having to rely upon third-party integrations. And that is a game-changer not only in terms of enhancing productivity but also creating avenues for team building activities for remote teams to build virtual connections, which are now more important than ever.

2. More transparency, more support.

A simple rule of thumb for determining the optimum growth of any venture can be characterized by checking how many members of a team are on the same page. While it may look easy to define on paper, it can become quite baffling when a sizeable number or resources are taken into consideration. And when it comes to working remotely, transparent collaboration between team members becomes completely crucial.

A project management tool such as TeamingWay offers multiple tools for teams to make their workflow visible. By setting goals with associated tasks assigned to respective users, every user can track real-time progress of not just their own work but also team members. This can prove extremely influential in helping organizations plan for the future with a complete overlook of when, where and for what support is required – to which they can then divide and conquer easily.

3. Compassion is equal to recognition.

Working in the new-normal comes with its own scale of evaluating success. And the work pace of teams working remotely has thereby completely transformed. A productive day at office is quite different in comparison to working from home. Many team members are forced to juggle multiple responsibilities especially with regards to their families and caretaking duties. To ensure that every member feels supported during such uncertain times, it’s essential to go back to the basics of team building, that being compassion.

TeamingWay, which effectively works as a project management app also, enables individuals to communicate with one another real-time through Stream. A space that can be utilized not just to serve as a hub for all centralized communication but also for members to celebrate milestone together. A strong sense of well-being for teams can go a long way towards ensuring continued success for organization. One that all leaders make certain to prioritize.

Managing teams remotely depends on a host of multiple factors. Many are continuing to change day by day due to the current climate. Yet an effective starting strategy at the very least can be to empower teams while being constantly aware of their responsibilities. And TeamingWay can become your ideal tool in that very mission.