Setting Goals

Setting Goals

Is setting goals and achieving them an art or a science? Do we live for our achievements, or is the journey the purpose of our lives? We have all encountered life situations where we are faced with the need to prioritize our personal or professional life and focus our efforts on one at the cost of the other.

How do we achieve the perfect balance in a constantly evolving world that bears direct impact on the minutest of our choices?

Achieving Balance

We all know that setting SMART goals which are Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic and Time-bound help us define and attain desired progress but often we are left with more questions than answers.

According to the article, Goal Setting: 5 Science Backed Steps to Setting and Achieving Your Goals, there are five areas we need to measure and proactively monitor in order to set the correct goals for a balance and fulfilled life.

In this article, Vanessa Van Edwards highlights the following aspects for setting goals: Business, Friends, Family, Personal Passions, Spiritual and Health. Using this method requires rating your satisfaction levels in each area. This includes identify the improvements you seek, define them, commit to them with the intention of change, and resolve any blockers to your success.

A wholistic approach to setting and proactively managing your goals will help you achieve balance and sustainable progress. Click on the link below to learn how TeamingWay can help you schedule your goals and track your progress.

Staying true to yourself

As we navigate our lives in the post-pandemic world, it has become increasingly important to maintain mindfulness. Also a healthy lifestyle, as well as learn to adapt to rapid changes. Identification of strengths and weaknesses can help leverage your abilities in the right direction for success and fulfillment.

Joni Carswell, CEO of Texan By Nature, says in the article Think About 2021 Goal-Setting Differently,

“you have the single unique way of looking at a puzzle that no one else does.…Use those different ways that you’ve seen the world to solve problems.”

An accurate assessment of your true potential and the required effort to achieve goals is process-oriented and requires commitment. It is now appreciated that smart work is some times better than hard work… which means asking for help when you need and making the most of the resources in terms of people, processes and technology available for you to set the goals best for you. In short,

  • Reach out to the mentors in your industry
  • Ask for feedback and initiate corrective action as soon as possible
  • Learn to ask the right questions
  • Do not hesitate to alter your milestones or your path as needed
  • Finally, tap into the project management programs and tools designed to help individuals, teams and businesses define and achieve their targets.

Setting and achieving goals has been simplified with collaboration and team software programs such as TeamingWay. Click on the link below to learn how you can set your goals and take charge your success.