Small Steps, Big Picture Impact

A fresh take on online tools and communication practices.

Before the existence of internet, communication used to be a completely different ball game. Think of the last time had to write a letter. Now a days, digital methods have overtaken all forms of communication practices by introducing tools which have been engineered to be extremely fast, simple and accessible when it comes to streamlining business goals.

The world collaboration has also not only taken on a whole a new meaning but has created countless new possibilities within the enterprise space. In an era where the term remote work is becoming part of the global conversation, the question has arisen as to the quantifying the impact of such digital collaboration tools.

Challenges of technological innovation.

For instance, let’s take a look at emails. Introduced to the world in 1992, the original programming was developed by the US Department of Defense to enable office staff to communicate between computer terminals via electronic plain text message. Until the creation of the World Wide Web in 1991, emails were only being used by government and military employees, including members from the world of academia. However, this messaging platform has since revolutionized communication as we once knew it – with more than 3.8 billion active users reported in 2018.

Yet, as with any other technological innovation, it has its limitations. Emails can be disruptive due to information overload and require constant maintenance in order for the workflow to remain effective. Working one’s way through a task thread has the potential of becoming a task in itself, especially when there is a lot of work coming in.

More tools, more worry.

Collaboration in the age of digital has redefined how business enterprises function on a day-to-day basis. Meeting agendas, deadlines, remote calls, planning an event, campaign management etc. all require all hands-on deck simultaneously, with members expected to multi-task to ensure maximum productivity in order to achieve lofty business goals. With competitive markets across every industry, businesses have turned to every available option in order to give their employees the best tools for success.

This approach in itself sounds solid on paper. But on closer inspection, it doesn’t really answer the real issue behind an employee’s demand to be better equipped.

For every new tool introduced, an equal amount of time has to be invested in it to learn it’s ways and get accustomed with the interface. This crucial first step can be time taking. Which is why multiple tools are put into use without employees familiarizing themselves with it first and remain unaware of its actual capabilities.

Furthermore, an overload of tools can end up having a determinantal impact on the productivity of teams. If an employee is having to deal with innumerous notifications from multiple platforms, sooner rather than later that said employee will end up no longer using those tools which were procured for his or her benefit.

Smart problems require simpler solutions.

Any investment correlating with any business challenge should be based upon thorough research and be driven by a goal-oriented mindset. While there exist countless solutions in the market claiming to be an ideal project management software offering the right project management tools – many fail to provide a one-stop solution. This is due to the fact that many popular business tools depend upon multiple platform integrations. While promising to remove clutter when it comes to management, such tools end up reaching staggering heights in terms of costs which are not viable for any enterprises.

Keeping all those variables in check, TeamingWay has entered the market as productivity tool which takes into account real collaboration challenges. By effortlessly bringing all communications through a seamless interface that offers a bulletin board for the institution to share updates and build a hybrid culture of work. Moreover, it requires zero app integrations which translate to efficient work task management. And in terms of communication – whether that be a one-on-one meeting, collaborative meeting or even real time, one can do it all with TeamingWay.

So, for many still wondering what is the best task management software? stop your searching and simply sign up instead!