Bug Tracking

Top 5 bug tracking software in 2021

The world that we live in is standing on the pedestal of technology and software as automation is penetrating every gamut of our lives and work culture. This has also created a cascading demand for automated tools, software, and applications that can make our work and life easier. With the surging demand, new software is launched every second and the marketing is soaring high.

However, the ever-growing and ever-evolving demand for new and updated software. And, automation tools have also made the work of software testers of bug/detect testers tower up.

What is Bug Tracking?

Bug tracking, also known as defect or error tracking is the process of recording, reporting, monitoring, and managing error or bug data during the software testing process. This is an integral part of software testing, aimed at making the software flawless and superlative in quality.

Bug tracking or defect tracking in coding sheets has become a lucrative job profile for software engineers and the scene is manifested with the same intensity across the globe. What makes defect tracking so significant in software development? It is the fact that software codes often have hundreds and thousands of critical errors in codes and may also develop errors of bugs over time, resulting in malfunctioning or displaying unexpected glitches while operating. This may cause serious damage to both business and reputation, if not rectified in time.

An Introduction to Bug Tracking Software

With software bug testing becoming extremely popular and demanding, bug tracking tools and software have also gained high ground among testers. These tools and software help in capturing and reporting bugs or defects in coding sheets of software or applications. They also help in mitigating the challenges around assessing, prioritizing, and managing bug or error reports.

The life cycle of bug tracking:

  • Active – Scanning is in process
  • Test – Rectified and ready for testing
  • Verified – Tested and confirmed by a QA engineer
  • Closed – Considered closed once QA certifies that the bug is rectified
  • Reopened – In case the bug resurfaces or is not fixed

What constitutes exemplary bug tracking software/tools?

With an infinite number of bug tracking software and tools available in the market, it has become extremely challenging to distinguish great ones from mediocre ones. To help the software testers in the defect tracking universe, let us take a peek at what features contribute to making an exemplary bug tracking software or tool:

  • Reports – Proper graphs and charts to represent the process
  • Logs – To keep a track of the testing and bug tracking history
  • Workflow – An end-to-end bookkeeping of the entire life cycle of the bug tracking phases
  • Reporting features – Comes with facilities to record every minute details
  • Storage – Provision to save all records of the testing and bug tracking phase along with the feature allowing retrieval of such data whenever needed
  • Assigning – Equipped to share and assign bug tracking tasks

5 best bug tracking in 2021

Here is a list of the 5 best bug tracking software in the market standing in 2021 to help you settle for nothing but the best.

. Backlog:

One of the most popular and adopted online bug tracking and project management software is Backlog. It enables its users to seamlessly track the end-to-end testing phase by capturing, assigning, prioritizing, and fixing bugs in a jiffy.

. Zoho Bugtracker:

Coming from Zoho Corporation, this software offers the ultimate automation package for bug tracking. With real-time updates and instant bug management, Zoho Bugtracker is the testers’ favorite tool worldwide.

. Monday.com:

Perfect for the agile QA community, this offers superior team management while efficiently tracking and fixing bugs. With features like prioritizing and filtering bugs, personalizing the workflow, a better communication system, a seamless assigning and updating system, and the identification of fragile spots, Monday.com cuts the edge in the race.

. BugZilla:

This open-source defect tracking software, popular among independent testers is jammed with numerous tech features that make it exemplary. It has a simple and userfriendly web-based interface that offers convenience, that too free of cost.


Although it is an incident management software, it is more predominantly used as a bug tracking tool for its ability to integrate with the code development scene seamlessly and its intuitive interface. The add-ons that are available with the tool make it all the more popular among the developers and testers.

Bug tracking is an important aspect of software testing, be it during the software development phase, execution phase, or during the implementation of new updates and features. Thus choosing the best tracking tool to scout every minute bug hidden inside the millions of coding lines is supremely essential. For more interesting trivia on topics related to software in project management, team collaboration, and other technology management tools, follow the TeamingWay blog and our FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn for more updates in this space.