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Never miss a message froma colleague with Teamingway

TeamingWay - Real-time communication platform for quick collaboration

Coordinating among the teams is no longer quite formal. Considering these changes and shifting of the way colleagues collaborate brings to more elaborate chatting solutions. TeamingWay gives you an informal yet an organized way to reach out to each other with the needed information.

We understand your pain to see the plethora of messages every day. Often, it is hard to filter the useful ones. TeamingWay takes away the headache by offering a smooth and more organized way to keep up with the teammates on the project updates.

Quick and easy way to discuss and share ideas or files

Stay focused on a single project by dividing the chat into different groups about different projects. It makes it easy for managers to discover the discussion by using a structured channel to save every chat as a separate conversation.

History is now just a search away. Enter a word and find an important conversation in a long chat.

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Activity Feed

Activity feed keeps you updated. With it, you can easily catch up to the new conversations or snooze or archive, or start a new chat anytime.

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File Sharing

Activity feed keeps you updated. With it, you can easily catch up to the new conversations or snooze or archive, or start a new chat anytime.

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Unlimited ways of communication with TeamingWay

Build a new connection by communicating better with your colleagues

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Retroactive Threads

Roll up the messages that don't belong to a thread. Add these messages to the relevant thread without fretting about it.

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Never miss a message or skip time to reply to anyone.

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Pinned messages

Something is important to remember? Pinned messages help you find it on the top of the conversation.

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Video & Audio Meeting

Keep your conversation in a right loop or thread by splitting threads and moving them under the right topic head.

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Don't just work, spare some time for entertainment too

Adapt with the time and as managers need to bond with the team, use social channels to show your interests other than work.

Had a team trip? Share photos. Read something interesting and want to share with teammates, include them right away.

Make these conversations just a fun window and a way to bond on a personal level with each other.

Never miss what's going on in a teammate's life through social channels.

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TeamingWay is a single platform to manage and organize your work with the highest level of efficiency. You don’t have to get multiple applications as it offers you all the functionalities like creating projects, tracking progress, assigning tasks, setting deadlines or milestones in one place. Get work in control with TeamingWay.

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