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Always stay in control

Real-estate managers have a hard time tracking team and monitoring the latest sales. It is often a headache to get to the agents and get all the agents at one place at one time. You can overcome this challenge through TeamingWay tasks and team management features. With teamingWay, you can always have access to the teams and the status of their tasks.

Keep the track of all the properties

Is it tough to go through the huge excel sheets to learn about the properties and listings? With teamingWay, this is just easy by setting the right priorities and arranging them by a category. Keep all the information on your screen all the time - displaying real-time data about each property.

Assign tasks to your agents strategically

Are you always aware of the agent’s whereabouts and their workload? Probably, no. TeamingWay helps you assign the tasks according to their schedule. Set the goals, add the relevant team members and host a meeting to collaborate better. You can reach them through the app, discuss and schedule tasks or meetings as per the business demands.

Manage your sales through efficient communication

Meet everyone at one place. Be at home, office, or any place globally, host a meeting with internal teams or from anyone outside the organization. No need to use or spend money on any other application. Get it all in TeamingWay.

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Use task templates and save time to create repetitive tasks

You might have a checklist to inspect every residential property. Rather than creating tasks everytime to "Check exterior walls, inspect the kitchen" you just have to create a reusable task template and it will create all the tasks automatically. Just like a copy paste!


TeamingWay partners up with Mississauga Real Estate Board (MREB)

We understand the real-estate challenges to their core. From properties management to marketing plans, teamingway has got it all covered for you. TeamingWay helped Mississauga real estate to manage business processes through a unified database. It was easy for them to capture potential clients, connect them to the properties, store their listings and also manage the workload of the agents.

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TeamingWay is a single platform to manage and organize your work with the highest level of efficiency. You don’t have to get multiple applications as it offers you all the functionalities like creating projects, tracking progress, assigning tasks, setting deadlines or milestones in one place. Get work in control with TeamingWay.

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